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Mahwah School District Identified as a Future Ready School District!

We are proud to share that our school district has been identified as a Future Ready School District, as a result of our technology committee’s collaborative creation of our district’s action plan forward. Future Ready Schools® (FRS) helps innovative educators ensure that each student graduates from high school with the agency, passion, and skills to be a productive, compassionate, and responsible citizen. In order to do this, it requires our district to take a close look at all programs, PreK-12, and create actionable items to move our district and our programs forward.

The research-based framework emphasizes collaborative leadership and creating an innovative school culture. All content focuses on seven key areas, referenced as gears, plus leadership, each of which is addressed during the comprehensive planning process. Mahwah Schools has undergone this planning process to create an action plan, unique to our school district, that ultimately keeps student learning at the heart of all decision-making.

Over the course of the last year, our technology committee, comprised of our administrators, teachers, and library media specialists, audited the needs of our instructional programs and technology integration connected to those programs. This committee reviewed the current successes and areas in need of improvement in these areas. At the heart of Future Ready Schools® (FRS) and the Interactive Planning Dashboard is the Future Ready Framework, a robust structure for digital learning visioning, planning, and implementation focused on student-centered learning. The framework is comprised of the following gears:

  • Gear 1: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Gear 2: Use of Space and Time
  • Gear 3: Robust Infrastructure
  • Gear 4: Data and Privacy
  • Gear 5: Community Partnerships
  • Gear 6: Personalized Professional Learning
  • Gear 7: Budget and Resources
  • Gear 8: Collaborative Leadership

Our district’s co-created action plan, which aligns to many aspects of our 5-year Strategic Plan in the areas of Curriculum and Instruction, Community Connections, and Facilities, and will serve as a roadmap for our school district in the months and years ahead, will serve to ever-improve our instructional programs, technology integration, and the shared leadership required to implement all instruction amongst our PreK-12 programs and across our six school buildings.

We celebrate this honor with you and thank our team for their insights along the way!

Future Ready