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When do my classes meet?

When am I required to be in class for instruction?

All students in Pride, Spirit, and Fully Remote are on the same time schedule for class and are required to be on time and in attendance during the class meeting to be counted as present. See time schedule  


Students are expected to return home at which time they can attend the virtual learning period and extra help from 1:24 p.m. – 2:17 p.m.  Students can sign into class with their classroom teacher for additional help, work on collaborative projects with classmates (via Zoom breakout rooms), or communicate directly with their classroom teacher.  Students can schedule time with their guidance counselor who will also schedule meetings with students.

How do I know the order of my classes?

Go to the Realtime Student Portal---> Click on Schedule ---> The block scheule is posted.

Follow the column that corresponds to the day. For Spetember 8th which is Day 1P, you would follow column 1 down (ignore lunch which is usually coded period 5). 

How do I read my block schedule on my Realtime Portal so I know which class to go to by rotation day?