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Liability and Replacement Costs

Insurance Program

The District’s insurance program covers minor laptop repairs and provides a one-time replacement if a laptop is stolen or accidentally damaged beyond repair.  The insurance does not cover laptops intentionally damaged or situations where it is determined a student was negligent.  Power cords and/or other accessories are not covered under warranty or the district’s insurance.

  • Laptops are required to remain connected to their cases which protects the laptop from accidental damage. It is expected that the laptops will remain in the case at all times.  The stay-on design of the case makes it easy to use the laptop while it remains in the case.

  • Connect your laptop to your home wifi to ensure that all software updates are current.

  • It is recommended to power down your computer at least once per week.

Chargers and cases are NOT covered by insurance.

Replacement cost for the accessories are as follows:

  • Charger: $38   Missing/damaged/exposed wires/not working 

  • Laptop MAXCase:      $25   Missing/Damaged/shoulder strap not returned



It is important that the parent/guardian and student ensure the return of the laptop and all provided accessories (cases, power cords, etc.) at the end of each school year or before withdrawal from school.  The parent/guardian and student are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement at the date of loss if the property is:

  • Not returned
  • Intentionally damaged or marked
  • Lost because of negligence
  • Stolen, but not reported to the school and/police immediately. A formal Theft/Loss Report must be filed with the high school within 24 hours and an official police report filed within 48 hours of the incident.