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Educational Vision and Goals

Overview: Learning Outcomes for 1:1 Initiative


The Mahwah Township Public School District believes that use of education technology and access to information are an integral part of the educational program for all students.  The goal of the district’s 1:1 laptop program is to develop college and career readiness, as well as to prepare students for their future in a digital society.  To support this goal, our learning environment will:

  • Engage students in blended learning experiences by developing learning competencies, such as thinking critically; using knowledge and information to solve complex problems; and communicating effectively through personalized learning experiences.
  • Allow local and global community collaboration among peers and experts through digital communication, online communities, social media, and shared workspaces.
  • Utilize 21st Century skills to provide authentic, real-world experiences that allow students to interact responsibly in a digital society.
  • Provide opportunities where technology may assist in breaking down cultural and socioeconomic barriers, thereby providing equity for all students.
  • Provide students with sophisticated challenges and opportunities for global learning in the digital age while achieving the National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETS). (
      • Creativity and Innovation
      • Communication and Collaboration
      • Research and Information Fluency
      • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
      • Digital Citizenship
      • Technology Operations and Concepts
  • Give students the opportunity and flexibility to extend their learning environment to all aspects of time and location as appropriate.

With the great learning opportunities that this program provides comes a responsibility for the District, parent/guardian, and student to ensure a safe and productive experience.