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Scheduling: Course Selection


Students are expected to give careful consideration to the courses chosen during the Course Selection Process. When a student selects a course, he/she is making a “reservation” that drives the creation of the Master Class Schedule. Changing a course request or withdrawing from a course may adversely affect section planning, class sizes, and course enrollment. A request may be rejected if the deadline for changes or withdrawals has passed, a section is filled, sections become grossly imbalanced, or the course is required for graduation.


Creating a master schedule to meet all of the academic needs of the student population is done through the following scheduling priority process:

  • Teacher recommendations and student elective request data is entered into the Realtime scheduling module.
  • Realtime scheduling module will assign all students their required core courses in English, mathematics, social studies, science, and world language.
  • Realtime scheduling module will assign electives based upon student grade level starting with grade 12, grade 11, grade 10, grade 9.
  • Physical education classes, senior study halls are assigned.