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George Washington's third grade cares about the environment!  Did you know that there are many things that can and should be recycled and are not?  For example, Entenmann's Little Bites pouches come in a plastic bag that takes a lot of work to break down.

It could take up to 100 years for a pouch to naturally break down in a landfill.  The good news is that a company named TerraCycle can help us to do our part to save the Earth.  GW's third grade signed up for a recycling program where Little Bites bags are collected and sent to TerraCycle.

They will be cleaned, melted and molded into new products such as benches and garbage cans.  Not only is this great for the environment, but GW will also earn money for each Little Bites bag recycled.  The money raised will be donated to a charity to help others.  BRAVO THIRD GRADE!