• Option Two Programs and Guidelines

    Option Two extends flexibility at the local level by allowing schools to choose from an array of models for developing activities or programs linked to the NJ Student Learning Standards such as interdisciplinary programs, independent study, co-curricular activities, student exchange programs, online learning opportunities, externships, community service, or other learning experiences for elective credit.

    Applications must be submitted four weeks before each semester. Therefore, students must complete and submit an application by August 1st for the fall semester and by January 1st for the spring semester. In order to be awarded credit, prior administrative approval by the department supervisor, director of guidance, and principal must be obtained before enrolling in any Option Two Program.

    Applicants must demonstrate with documentation that the program meets or exceeds each of the NJ Student Learning Standards for that area. Option Two programs are usually for elective credit experiences and not to be used to replace NJ Department of Education required core courses for graduation.

Option Two Programs