• The Mahwah Township Public School ID Card is the official photo identification card for MHS students providing easy access to high school resources and a wealth of innovative technologies.  Each student will receive an ID/FOB card in grade 9, at no cost, that will be used throughout their entire high school career (all 4 years). Students are required to carry their ID card with them everyday. The district provided ID card allows entrance into high school campus buildings, as well as the ability to print documents from FollowMePrint in the Media Learning Commons.

    In addition, your Student ID bar code is on the back of your ID for scanning into the attendance office, guidance office, health office, Media Learning Commons, and selected social events.

    The ID card is the property of Mahwah Township Public Schools and is non-transferable.  Only the person pictured on the ID card is permitted to utilize the card and spend funds from their PaySchools Central Account.  ID cards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder or if the card is involved in inappropriate or illegal use.  Fraudulent use of the card will result in disciplinary action. 


    Report lost ID cards to the Main Office immediately.

    Replacement cards cost $10.00 and must be purchaased on PaySchools Central. There is a standard fee listed on each student's account so you have the ability to purchase a replacement card if necessary. ONLY PAY FOR A CARD, AFTER YOU NOTIFY THE MAIN OFFICE AND ONLY IF YOU NEED TO REPLACE IT.  Grade 09 and new transfer students receive their first ID/FOB card at no cost.


    If you need to replace a lost or damaged ID/FOB please email crobinson@mahwah.k12.nj.us to alert the office so we can have the technology department will create a new ID/FOB for your child and pay the $10.00 replacement fee on PayForIt.net

    FYI clarification on ID/FOB replacement fee listed in PaySchools Central account: Do not click on the lost ID/FOB replacement fee in PaySchools Central UNLESS you need to replace a lost ID/FOB. The fee is listed on every student account in Payschoolscentral.com in the event  you need to buy a replacement ID/FOB card during the year because you LOST or damaged your ID/FOB.


    ID FOB Photograph Requirements

    Photos submitted via email must adhere to United States passport guidelines.


    Grade 09 students should submit a digital photograph with student name and ID number to upload your current digital picture using this link:  https://forms.gle/5yzpyu4zp8wV4AMP6 


    Transfer students needing a FOB/ID card may submit photograph with student name and ID number to crobinson@mahwah.k12.nj.us .

    Please see the guidelines below:


    • Take the photo in color without the use of filters or other image manipulation options other than red-eye
    • Look straight ahead at the camera (no profile, ¾ angle, )
    • Take the photo with a solid white or off-white background
    • Smile naturally or have a neutral expression. Photos with unusual expressions will not be
    • Use appropriate lighting. Photos with shading on the face or shoulders will not be

    DO NOT:

    • Include any other people, animals, or props in your photo. It must be a clear, quality image of your head and shoulders
    • Crop candid photos. You should take a new photo specifically for submission.
    • Wear a hat or head covering unless you wear it daily for religious
    • Wear sunglasses or other eyewear that you do not normally wear for vision correction
    • Send photos that do not represent your current
    • Scan photos or take pictures of printed photos. The image quality will not be

    In addition, please adhere to the following:

    • JPEG format
    • No larger than 1500 X 2000 pixels
    • At least 300 X 400 pixels
    • File size can be no larger than 2048 KB
    • Resolution must be at least 72 dpi
    • Photo must be from top of shoulders to top of head with some blank space above the head
    • **NOTE: If your photo does NOT meet our guidelines or accurately represents you, you will be asked to retake your picture at Mahwah High School.