• 2019-2020 Goals


     Mahwah Township School Board Goals



    Mahwah Township District Goals

    Goal 1- Technology and Innovative Practices as a Collaborative Tool - Incorporate technology and innovative practices, where appropriate, to create opportunities for students to take part in the act of information-sharing, and collaboration.  This can take place in all curricular areas.

    Goal 2: Technology and Innovative Practices as an Instructional Tool - All stakeholders, including  students, educators, and staff will learn, use, and take advantage of instructional technologies in order to teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills to prepare themselves for post-secondary education or the workplace.

    Goal 3: Technology to Enhance Communication to the Community - Connections between school and community will be developed through the use of technology to support increased academic achievement.

    Goal 4: Maintenance of Technology - Staff and students will have access to various technological resources.  In order to maximize this instrument, the district is committed to servicing and supporting these instructional tools.