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    The Student Government Association is here to serve the students of Mahwah High School through the communication between students and the community providing educational and social events, and offering services that contribute to the advancement of the high school and its students. The SGA consists of student leaders and their faculty advisors in five governing bodies:

    Class Advisers consists of all six class advisors, three of whom are advisors to the Senior class.

    Activities Council consists of all co-curricular activity student-presidents, student-editors, and their advisors.

    Government Representatives consists of all homeroom representatives elected by Period 1 classes. In the instance of semester courses, a new representative is elected.

    SGA Executive consists of four Seniors and one junior elected by the student body in the Spring of the previous year.

    Officers Council consists of all twenty class officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian) overseen by the SGE President.



    All students in grades 9-12


    Meeting Time:

    Once a month

    Class Advisers: One day each month during unit lunch

    Activities Council: One every other month as announced

    Government Reps: One Friday each month during 2nd half of Unit Lunch at 10:50 AM

    SGA Executive: Every Period 8 of the 4-Day rotation

    Officer Council: Once a month as announced


    Meeting Places:

    Class Advisers: SGA Office, Room 111

    Activities Council: Room 222

    Government Reps: Auditorium

    SGA Executive: SGA Office

    Officer Council: Room 222


    Schedule of SGA Meetings 2018-2019



Student Government Executive Board Leaders

Position Name Grade Level
President Jules Blaustein 12
Vice President Cormac Henriques 12
Treasurer Jenna Walters 12
Corresponding Secretary Eleni Konstantellis 11


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