Visitors to the building

  • Our primary goal is to make visitors feel welcome as they arrive to visit our school community, while still ensuring student and staff safety. In conjunction with the Mahwah Police Department, the high school will be implementing the following building visitor procedures.

    Visitors to the building

    In order to access the building, you should have a scheduled appointment. Upon arrival, parents and visitors will need to:

              1) Scan driver license bar codes at the Lobby Guard visitor kiosk located on the right of the foyer. 
              2) Follow and complete the prompts. 
              3) Approved visitors will be given a visitor’s badge from the greeter.  
              4) Visitors are required to return the visitor’s badge to the greeter upon exiting the building or scan out at the kiosk to indicate they have left the    building.

    Dropping Off Items for Students 

    In an effort to reduce interruptions and to foster greater student responsibility and to prevent disruption in the school environment, students should plan in advance for the belongings they will need in school each day (athletic equipment, books, bake sale items, money). Parents are strongly discouraged from dropping off items during the school day.

    If students forget their lunch, they may use their ID card to charge lunch on their cafeteria account.  If students discover they have forgotten something at home, they may call parents at lunch or between classes using their cell phone only in the main office with permission. Telephone calls are not to be made during class time. Students may not receive texts or telephone calls from parents on their cell phones during the school day. We appreciate parent and student cooperation in helping to minimize interruptions to your child's instructional day.

    Items that need to be dropped off for students must be labeled with:

    Student´s first name
    Student´s last name
    Grade level

    Items should be placed on the bookshelf located in the front foyer (on the right) between the outside doors and inner doors. You no longer need to enter the building lobby to drop off items. The greeter will notify students to pick-up their items.

    I thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as we continue to refine our building visitor procedures to ensure building safety.