• Parents who drive students to school should drop their children off at the designated area only. No students should arrive earlier than 8:25 am, as supervision begins at that time.  All students should report to the All Purpose Room upon arrival
    • Please have students exit your vehicle on the curbside for their safety and parents should remain in the car at all times. 
    • If you wish to park so your children can exit the vehicle, please do so in the designated area and do not leave your car unattended. 
    • NO U-TURNS should occur on Fardale Avenue. 
    • Students will be considered late after 8:42 am. 



    We utilize the Pick Up Patrol System to ensure the safety of students and efficiency of our dismissal procedures.  Please read the letter below to set up your dismissal account:


    Transportation by Bus

    Each day, staff members will escort your child safely to the correct bus at dismissal.


    Dismissal by Car

    Print your child’s name in large bold letters on a piece of paper and place it in the front window of your car. Line up your car along Fardale Avenue in front of George Washington School. Pull your car up as close to the main entrance of the school as possible. Your child will be escorted to your car. *Please do not pull into or park in the designated bus parking areas. Do not get out of the car when picking up your child.*


    Hand to Hand Pick Up

    If you wish to park and pick up your child at school, please park in the lot adjacent to the soccer field on Chapel Road or in the lot off of Bartholf Lane. You may then walk up the back pathway and pick up your child at the rear entrance next to the all-purpose room.