Arrival and Departure


    To maximize student safety during arrival and dismissal, children are to be dropped off and picked up on Malcolm Road at the top of the steps. Driving into the parking lot in front of the school for drop off or pick up is prohibited. This area is reserved for buses only during these times.

    Children transported by car and “hand to hand” will be dismissed prior to bus students. All students will exit via the door to the All-Purpose Room, except the "hand to hand" pick-up students. Car riders will be escorted to the steps joining the school property and Malcolm Road. U-turns and double parking are prohibited on Malcolm Road. Hand-to-hand students will exit at the start of the 2/3 grade wing (new wing). Hand-to-hand parents should park on Mahwah Road.

    Students arriving late (after 8:42 AM) must report to the office and be signed in by a parent/guardian before proceeding to their classrooms.


    Each summer, parents are given written notice of our school’s dismissal plan and must return signed authorization for each day’s routine and emergency dismissal procedures (bus, car pick up, hand-to-hand, YMCA aftercare, etc). These procedures are in effect for the entire subsequent school year (Mahwah BOE Pupil Supervision After School Policy 8601). Any permanent changes to the dismissal plan must be made in writing via the submission of a new dismissal procedure form. Daily changes should also be made in writing via a note to the child’s teacher, or you can email the daily change to before 2:30 on the day of the change. Any emails after 2:30 need to be backed up with a phone call at 201-762-2251. For safety/security reasons, parents/guardians are asked not to enter the school at dismissal time.


    Since time spent in school is important to student success, we encourage parents/guardians to make routine medical and dental check-ups for their children outside of school hours.

    When a student needs to be released from school early, a note or telephone call from the parent/guardian explaining the reason should be sent to the main office on that day. The parent must come into the main office to sign out the student and the student will be called to the office upon the parent’s arrival.

    Except in the case of a rare emergency, parents are strongly discouraged from signing children out of school between 2:55 and 3:12 P.M. as our office staff is very busy at that time ensuring a safe dismissal for all.