Dear Ramapo Ridge Families:

    Ramapo Ridge Middle School’s theme for 2018-2019 was: The B.E.S.T. Journey Together!  The journey was comprised with many exciting forward-thinking developments and changes.  We witnessed what is possible when a school community truly commits to continually improve and to Balance, Engage, Shine, and Trust. 

    We defined our B.E.ST. as “that magical space which remains just a little out of reach and implores us to simply take the next step.” This year our school theme will be: Take the Next Step. This year’s NEXT STEP will include the next phase of our modified 1:1 laptop program and the integration of technology, the launching of new cycle courses, the implementation of a new school counselor position, the realization of several renovated and redesigned learning spaces, the welcoming of new staff members, and so much more! 

    We are projected to have over 680 students and to welcome an incoming class of approximately 230 students.  Each and every student will play a critical role as learners, contributors, designers, creators, and thinkers in helping us to Take the Next Step.  Parents/Guardians will also play an equally critical role, in collaboration with our staff, in fostering an essential, healthy home-school partnership which will afford us the opportunity to Take the Next Step.  Ramapo Ridge Middle School values and welcomes feedback, ideas, concerns, and active participation from our parents/guardians!

    School years seem to go by faster and faster with each passing year.  Before we know it, for example, our 8th graders will begin their formal transition to high school; our 7th graders will become the new leaders of the school; and, our 6th graders will prepare to embrace their second year of middle school. Appreciating how quickly September to June passes should encourage each of us to 1) slowdown and enjoy the moment, and 2) proceed with a sense of urgency and purpose. 

    As we engage the 2019-2020 school year, let’s find a moment (or multiple moments) to enjoy every day.  Let’s also work, every day, towards something inspiring and noble with a sense of urgency.  If we commit to these actions, time will fly and we will have fun!    

    We look forward to taking the NEXT STEP with you.


    Brian P. Cory                 Suzanne B. Whalen

    Principal                       Assistant Principal