• Dear Ramapo Ridge Middle School Community:

    It is with great excitement that I join the Mahwah Public Schools family as the new principal of Ramapo Ridge Middle School. I completed my 21st year as an educator last year and look forward to the 22nd being the best one yet!

    I have had the honor and privilege of serving as a special education teacher, scholastic coach, director of guidance, and assistant principal. Since 2002, I have served as an assistant principal at the high school level.  

    Throughout my journey as an educator, I always envisioned that my professional career would eventually navigate back to the middle school level at the right time and at the right place.  My career started as a teacher at the middle school level and I thoroughly enjoyed all that the middle school experience offered. When the principal post of The Ridge became available, the right time and right place emerged for the next part of the journey!

    As your new principal, I will embrace the entire school community by developing relationships with stakeholders while learning and building upon the culture, traditions, and priorities of Mahwah Public Schools and, especially, its middle school.  As we meet in the weeks and months ahead, I will invite your insights as pertaining to The Ridge with basic questions such as:

    • What are you most proud of?
    • What frustrates you?
    • What are you inquisitive about?
    • What do we (Ramapo Ridge Middle School) value? How do we know? Why does it matter?

    Your answers to these questions will help inform our future direction.  In shaping our future direction together, we will strengthen our school community, enhance our culture, and leverage data and information to sustain best as our standard.

    As we engage the 2018-19 school year, let us commit to ensuring The Ridge is a place where personal bests for each of our family members are possible.  Let us commit to knowing that, in doing so, we commit to discovering our collective best; i.e. The Ridge’s best. And let us commit to doing our part and accepting the responsibility to make the world a better place and the best that it can be.

    The Ridge is the best place and now is the best time!   

    Best is our opportunity. Best is our commitment.  Best is our standard.

    I look forward to meeting you and beginning the best journey together.

    All the best,

    Brian P. Cory