• Dear Ramapo Ridge Families:

    This is a great time to be part of the Ramapo Ridge Middle School family!  We remain engaged in advancing our programs, facilities, communication, services, and technology in exciting directions to offer the best middle school experience for our students, families, and staff.     

    We welcome our incoming class of 223 sixth grade students as well as new families to our school community.  Our total student enrollment is projected to be over 625 students this year. We are confident that our amazing students, caring educators and professionals, and supportive parents/guardians will contribute to inspiring breakthroughs, new discoveries, meaningful experiences, and rewarding moments during the 2022-2023 school year. 

    Along with the other schools in our district, we will continue to work towards our Strategic Plan goals and objectives.  As we engage this exciting work with our students and families, we will create a learning environment that supports student health and safety (physically and emotionally) and provides our learners with experiences and skills to support their development and future pathways.  Through our curriculum, we will build students’ capacity for success in the areas of collaboration, critical, and creative thinking. We will foster meaningful, real-world experiences for our students, including with community-based experts, and to enhance our overall communication and partnership with the school community.  To learn more, please visit our district Strategic Planning page.

    Our school theme for the 2022-2023 school year is: Foster Belonging. 

    We believe that students who have a strong sense of belonging are likely to achieve at higher levels academically, accrue fewer absences and late arrivals, and demonstrate improved conduct and overall positive engagement. We also believe that students who feel valued, accepted, respected, included, and supported by others at school are more likely to have reduced levels of stress and anxiety, experience enhanced physical, mental, and emotional health, avoid unhealthy behaviors, and develop meaningful relationships with peers and staff members. 

    Our staff is committed to partnering with our students and families to create a positive school culture for all students.  We trust that the outcomes listed above are shared aims for each and every student and among all stakeholders. A collective effort to “foster belonging” will help ensure that these desired outcomes will be realized during students’ middle school years.

    Ramapo Ridge Middle School values and welcomes feedback, ideas, concerns, and active participation from our parents/guardians!  It is equally important to us that our parents/guardians feel a true sense of belonging as members of the Ridge family.  We encourage parents/guardians to review our Effective Communication guides to allow our appropriate team member to provide assistance or address the situation.  Our School Contact Information and the RRMS Administrative Team is posted on our school website.


    Brian P. Cory                Suzanne B. Whalen

    Principal                       Assistant Principal