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    Our mission is to provide an enjoyable and educational environment that instructs and supports both students and faculty in areas of technology and Web 2.0; research and library skills; information and 21st century literacies; critical thought and inquiry; and literature appreciation.

    Our vision for a media center is a place where:

    •Every student feels welcomed, comfortable, and safe
    •Students develop a love of reading and literature through readers’ advisory and collection development
    •Rigorous and challenging instruction occurs, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
    •All students are engaged through differentiated instruction and Multiple Intelligences and Constructivist techniques
    •21st Century learners and digital citizens develop
    •A culture of inquiry and discovery thrives
    •Students develop critical thinking and evaluative skills, creativity, and imagination
    •Students interact responsibly and ethically with technology and media
    •Students become experts in research and 21st Century literacy
    •Faculty is supported through various professional development workshops
    •The Media Specialist and various faculty members collaborate and team-teach, for the benefit of student learning

    What We Do and How We Help!

    We can help you:
    •Combat information overload by asking the important questions BEFORE you start– what am I really looking for? How can I find it?
    •Learn important searching skills to help find the best information (keywords, Boolean operators, and more!)

    •Use a variety of sources: books, ebooks, databases, and websites
    •Recognize what information can be trusted (information and media literacy)
    •Improve note-taking and MLA citation skills
    •Develop 21st Century technology, Web 2.0, and critical thinking skills
    •Locate books for entertainment! Libraries can also be fun! 

    Please come in and visit us…..asking a librarian for help isn’t cheating! We’re trained to know the best ways to find the information you need.


  • Christine Hartigan Miller

    Media Specialist/ English Teacher


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