See Something-Say Something

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 Anonymous Safety/Security Reporting Form 
This form is to be used to report life-threatening behaviors/social media posts as they pertain to school security and safety. Please do not report building maintenance or disciplinary issues on this form; contact the appropriate building administrator for such issues.

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  Mahwah Township Public Schools want all students, parents, and staff to feel comfortable coming forward if they know something or believe someone is troubled or acting in a way that seems unsafe or unhealthy. If you overhear something, notice strange behaviors, or see a concerning post on social media as it pertains to student safety- please speak up.

Please fill out the below form to notify us of significant health and safety concerns. All information submitted will be reviewed and addressed according to district policies.

To make an immediate report of a threat or danger, please call 911 or the Mahwah Police Department at 201-529-1000 immediately.

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