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Mahwah Township Public Schools

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Board of Education Members

About the Board of Education

The Mahwah Township Board of Education is governed by a 9-member Board with each Board member serving a term of 3 years.

Board members are elected to the Board by the registered voters of the Township during the November general election and take office during the re-organization meeting held during the first week of January. 

When a vacancy occurs during the year, the vacant seat is filled in accordance with Board Policy.

For the 2024 year, the Mahwah Township Board of Education members are:

Board Of Education Members

Position Board Member E-Mail
President Prema C. Moorthy, PhD
First Vice President Richard A. DeSilva, Jr.
Second Vice President Benjamin A. Kezmarsky
Trustee Michael Galow
Trustee Trista Daveniero
Trustee John Dinice
Trustee Christopher L. Hughes
Trustee Janine Ting Jansen
Trustee Brett Coplin

More Information

Please click on the document prepared by the New Jersey School Boards Association “13 Things School Board Members Wish People Knew About Them” for more information on the role of a Board Member in the District.

Please be advised that any correspondence sent to members of the Mahwah Board Education or its employees by electronic or other means may be subject to disclosure under the Open Public Records laws of the State of New Jersey and, therefore, accessible to members of the general public or media agencies.