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The Five Partnerships

Experts in the Classroom

The experts in the classroom create a unique experience for students where they are able to learn from working alongside and questioning the experts while they are learning their curriculum in the classroom. 

Professionals Supporting Professionals

Some of our experts are not as comfortable working directly with students, but would love to partner with our staff to help make learning authentic.  Experts will partner with teachers who request to participate so that the teacher can consult the expert while planning or during class to make practical connections of our content to industry. 

Community Service Partners

We love when our students can give back to the community  and understand how they can make a difference in our world!  Through their service, they learn about empathy, leadership, communication, and teamwork. Experts are welcome come in to our schools to help support our charitable work, or our students can visit charitable organizations to support the charity or non-profit to fulfill their mission.

Jobs in Action

As we prepare our students to choose a career pathway and get excited about their life journey, we will use experts to inspire and encourage them through externships. Students and classes will join the experts on-site for tours and shadowing to see the skills they are learning in action. 

Find your passion

We want all of our students to find passion in what they do and realize their true potential.  Working alongside and talking with mentors help students identify strengths and set their career and life goals.  Mentors can help inspire and guide our students through course content, presentation styles, and even career exploration, all while helping the students find their true passion.


If you would like to learn more about our Partnerships, please contact Dr. Linda Bovino-Romeo at: