• ESS provides innovative clinical and therapeutic programs for the in-district education of students with experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. They provide experienced clinical staff, proven programming, sound oversight, and a mature system of quality and risk management.

    Our solutions include:

    Wrap-Around Program – This program provides the structure and support that helps at-risk students be educated within mainstream and/or self-contained classes.

    Services typically include:

    • Weekly individual therapy
    • Family therapy, available in the evening to accommodate parent schedules
    • Monthly evening parent psycho education and support group
    • Daily group therapy, including specialized protocols for problems such as substance abuse and impulse control
    • School refusal interventions, including home visits
    • An independent lunch period with ESS staff to avoid the stress of unstructured time in the cafeteria
    • Study skills class, typically co-led by an ESS professional and a district teacher





  • Ani Mooney

    ESS LC Social Worker


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    Federico Lucas

    ESS Licensed Professional Counselor


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