Thunderbird Alumni

  • Curt Blefary (1943-2001), American League Rookie of the Year, 1965.

    Frank Chamberlin (born 1978), NFL linebacker with the Houston Texans.

    Brad Fischetti (born 1975), member of the pop band Lyte Funky Ones.

    Kevin Haslam (born 1986), NFL offensive tackle with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    John Hollinger (born 1971), basketball analyst and writer for

    Bob Kratch (born 1966), former guard for the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

    Gregg Lalka (born 1975), Emmy Award-nominated reporter / weather for ABC affiliate, KXTV, in Sacramento, California.

    Chris Wragge (born 1970), news anchor for WCBS-TV.

    Col. Catherine F. Jorgensen(born 1963), First Female Brigadier General Alaska National Guard. Class of 81

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