Dual Enrollment Programs

  • The Dual Enrollment Program is for junior and senior students taking college-level courses on the high school campus, for which they receive both high school credit (counting toward graduation) and college credits.


    Middle College Program (Fairleigh Dickinson)

    Education as Career (4 credits)

    Film as Literature  (3 credits)

    Honors Accounting 2 (3 credits)

    Creative Writing (3 credits)

    Honors French IV and  Honors French V (3 credits)

    Honors Spanish IV and Honors Spanish V (3 credits)

    Honors English 11(British Literature) (3 credits)

    College Statistics (3 credits)

    Data Structures (3 credits)

    The Big History Project (3 credits)

    Film:  Historical Perspectives (3 credits)


    Project Acceleration (Seton Hall University)

    Honors English 12 (3 credits)

    Multivariable Calculus (4 credits)

    Digital Film and Theory (3 credits per semester)


    Bergen Community College

    Evolution of American Music (3 credits)

    AP Music Theory (3 credits)

    Music Theory (3 credits)

    Painting and Drawing (3 credits)