• The guidance program at Ramapo Ridge Middle School consists of a variety of activities. Four certified guidance counselors are available to assist the students, staff, faculty, teachers parents and community members. Students may request counseling services, be referred by teachers, parents, administrators, or be sought out by their assigned guidance counselor to assist them. Individual counseling is provided whenever and wherever it is needed. Group counseling for students is provided when a number of students are identified as having similar interest or concerns that could be best worked out through a group process.

    A guidance counselor is a person who is specially trained to help students realize their full potential as unique members of our school community. Our counselors also assist our students and their parents/guardians with making suitable decisions, aid in the selection of appropriate courses, help solve personal problems, and supply information regarding making educational and career plans. As members of the Guidance Department, counselors provide a comprehensive guidance program which meets the needs of their assigned students in grades 6-8. Counselors promote and enhance academic, personal, social, and career development of all students.