Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

  • Mahwah Public Schools will be delivering instruction to meet New Jersey’s Comprehensive Health and Physical Education standard requirements. New Jersey Student Learning Standards - Comprehensive Health and Physical Education (NJSLS-CHPE) were revised in 2020 “to address the need for students to gain knowledge and skills in caring for themselves, interact effectively with others, and analyze the impact of choices and consequences.” We believe that all students should be provided time to acquire the knowledge and skill of healthy and physically active people.  

  • At the August 10, 2022 Board of Education meeting, we previewed some of the newly added performance expectations of the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards that go into effect this September. We would like to give the community the opportunity to view the recording and explore the Slide Deck that was presented during this meeting. This presentation discusses the major performance expectations that were recently added, based on New Jersey Department of Education standards, along with an explanation on how these standards will be introduced in the classrooms in Mahwah Schools.

  • Please review the links below:


    • Link to the NJ Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards 

    • Link to Video of Board of Education presentation on August 10, 2022

    • Link to Google Slide Presentation


    To assist you in reading slides 8-18 and while listening to the presentation, below is a key that will be a useful guide for you as you review this information:


    • Left side of the slide = New Standards in the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education expectations for 2020.

    • Right side of the slide = How we in Mahwah will apply the standard in the classroom.

    • Bold text = New Standard for NJ and New to Mahwah.

    • Regular Font = New Standard to the State but not new to Mahwah (we have taught this before at this level).

    • Yellow and Green highlights show key words in the standards and application, they also show connection between the standard and the lesson to which it is aligned.