• Mahwah Public Schools COVID-19 DASHBOARD


    The dashboard numbers reflect information for September 8 through today’s date - those positive cases to which the district has been notified. The purpose of this dashboard is to provide the community with actual data information related to the cases that have been present in the district. 




  • * Bergen County is now in the “High Risk” activity level per the CALI score. This requires contact tracing and quarantining of close contacts of people presenting with COVID-like symptoms.

    We are returning on January 19 to our in-school instructional program, and we are expecting you to be supportive of our global health by following the guidelines below, devised in consultation with our district physician:






    TIME OUT OF SCHOOL- Consult school nurse on all matters

    Traveled to a state on the quarantine list

    14 days from date of return home.  Negative test result does not negate the need to quarantine.

    Tested positive

    14 days from the date of the test.

    Identified as a close contact

    14 days from the date of last contact with COVID positive person. Negative test result does not negate the need to quarantine.

    Exhibiting symptoms, but not tested

    14 days, may not return until all symptoms have passed and are fever-free for 24 hours without medication.

    Exhibiting symptoms, and PCR tested negative.

    May not return until symptom-free and fever-free for 24 hours without medication.

    Even if previously COVID-positive, and identified as a close contact or exhibiting symptoms.

    Must adhere to all required quarantine time frames.

    If identified as a close contact, and subsequently, receive a positive test result during the quarantine period.

    Continue with quarantine and add 14 days from the test date

    Residing with someone who is COVID-19 positive and you are unable to safely quarantine or isolate in your home. Referred to as “continuous exposure.”

    10 days from positive test + 14 days

    Answering “Yes” on the daily attestation form

    May not attend school; contact nurse for additional guidance.

    Residing with someone who is awaiting a test result.

    May not attend school until the family member or housemate receives a negative test result.

    Residing with someone with COVID-19 symptoms

    May not attend school until symptomatic individual receives a negative test.

    Awaiting your own test results (regardless of reason for testing)

    May not attend school until negative test result is received.

    Participating or attending any location that exceeds maximum capacity regulations within the state or NJ or a non-quarantine state (e.g., water parks, sporting event, concert, or other large gathering).

    14-day quarantine or PCR negative is the only test to allow re-entry.


    * Rapid tests are only accepted to confirm a positive case. 

    * PCR is the only test to confirm a negative result.

    * Alternative diagnosis cannot replace the requirement of a COVID-19 test result or serving of quarantine/isolation time.