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    Many students have gone through some type of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying. Whether being attacked on social media or getting physically or emotionally hurt by someone in person, it can happen anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it can potentially have devastating consequences. In today’s society, it is an issue that must be addressed. Treating others with disrespect is not the way kids should learn to grow up. HERO, Helping Everyone Respect Others, helps avoid that issue.

    HERO will be a club that 1. students should look to join for a sense of consolement and support; 2. addresses ways to act in certain situations, and most importantly, 3. raise awareness. Although it is a rather difficult topic to talk about, as well as sensitive for many, it is important for students to truly grasp the meaning and understand what bullying can do to a person. To add, the club is for students wanting to be leaders in a truly HIB-free environment.



    1. Specific topic each month (Example: December- Month about Cyberbullying)
    2. Visit lower schools to talk about why people bully, as well as raise awareness (Big Sister, Little Sister / Big Brother, Little Brother)
    3. Anonymous confessions and discussions on how to grow from it  
    4. Anti-Bullying State Conference
    5. Create bulletin boards and posters to spread awareness in district
    6. Invite a speaker talk about their experience


    All students grades 9-12 

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    Room 242




  • Mrs. Stacy Mandel


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