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  • Career Pathway Transcript Endorsements

    Pathways provide students with the opportunity to self-direct a customized learning experience, and to capitalize on school and community opportunities for personal interest, post- secondary education, and careers. The purpose of the Career Pathway Endorsement is to certify that a student has accomplished deep learning in a chosen area of interest by actively pursuing experiences in a pathway that combines academic study, co-curricular application of skills, and community-based learning experiences.  A Career Pathway Endorsement recognizes that a student has actively chosen a series of learning experiences in a pathway and persisted in engaging with and mastering the content.

    A Career Pathway Endorsement adds value to the high school diploma by:

    • Signaling to employers, colleges, universities, training programs, and the military that a student has completed a comprehensive, in-depth, and applied course of study in a specialized area;
    • Cultivating transferable work habits including self-reflection, self-direction, and perseverance through purposeful and meaningful planning of learning experiences;
    • Promoting engagement, effectiveness, and growth by allowing for choice in how, when, and in what ways students learn and demonstrate learning; and
    • Supporting learning opportunities that are diverse, rigorous, and connected to the world outside of the school


    Eight Career Pathway Endorsement Areas

    Beginning with the Class of 2024, students may earn a career pathway endorsement in one or more of the following:

    • Biotechnology Research and Health Science
    • Business Administration
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Government and Social Sciences
    • Information and Computer Science Technology
    • Performing and Communication Arts
    • Visual and Integrated Design
    • Technical Career & Community


    The Three Components required for a career pathway transcript endorsement

    Students are eligible to earn a career pathway endorsement if they have successfully completed three components: academic study, co-curricular application of skills, and community-based learning experiences.

    Academic Study

    • Completion of three required/elective courses in the career pathway
    • >80% (B) in all pathway focused elective courses
    • Increased complexity, and complementary or cumulative content
    • Deep learning with an increased level of specialization that builds coherence of the topic through coursework.

    Co-curricular application of skills

    • Active participation in pre-approved co-curricular activity


    Community-based learning experience

    Students must successfully complete a community-based learning experience, characterized by:

    1.     Acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the pathway;

    2.     Meaningful contact with and opportunities to work alongside professional practitioners in the field; and

    3.     Responsibilities, impact, and/ or opportunities to practice in the area of interest or career field that deepens learning of the content area.

    • Successful completion of approved internship or
    • Approved job shadowing externship minimum five to eight (5-8) hours) or
    • Approved senior capstone project of thirty (30) hours of pre-approved community service related to your selected career pathway or
    • Approved Option Two experience related to your selected career pathway